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Blood Brother Blaise

SO i read this fic years ago and thought i had it saved to my bookmarks. Went back to find it and it simply isn't there. Hopefully you fantastic people can help me locate it.
1. Pretty sure its a post war year 8 fic
2. Blaise is Harry's protector/blood bother
3. Harry has to stay chaste for a dragon or some creature he's been betrothed to.
4. If harry breaks his vow blaise suffers
5. Harry really likes Draco but feels/knows he is unable to pursue him because of his betrothal to said creature. I really think it was a dragon of some kind? im not sure its been a while.
I'm pretty sure i read it somewhere on ff.net

Help if you can!!! i'll be eternally grateful!

Help if you can!

I simply cannot find it. My google foo has failed me. Here's what i remember:

1. ITs mega Hurt/Comfort
2. Jim is essentially raped in the name of some higher up starfleet brass in order to obtain some kind of virus set to destroy Vulcan.
3. Jim leaves the enterprise with Bones and Spock!Prime in tow.
4. Jim is sick i think.. some kind of cancer!

Please help if you can i'd really appreciate it!

Companion Mine 2/?

    A/N: A Special thanks to Hellesofbelles a fantastic beta reader and critic. Practically a writing partner lolz ^^ her insight and fresh look made this chapter possible.

     Anthony DiNozzo took a deep breath as he walked through the door to his apartment turning the lock behind him. Tony wasn’t worried about burglars and unlike Gibbs , he had plenty of things to hide. Rolling his neck wearily across his shoulders with a heavy sigh he shrugged and allowed  his jacket to fall to the floor in a puddle at his feet, his right hand immediately going for his immaculately snug tie.

    Home now. Safe, in and out and breath. His inner litany continued, muscles loosening seemingly in tandem with the slipping of the firm stylized knot at his throat.

    Shuffling further into his abode Tony slipped his shoes from his feet while continuing the lazy strip of his clothes as he made his way about the room and finally slipping the blinds closed.

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My First Tim/Tony???

I've been reading NCIS slash for a little while. Honestly i'm fairly ne wto the fandom yself and while i'm a major NCIS fan i've not written fanfiction in... well quite a while. erm... here's just a snippet of something thats been rolling about in my head.

Eyes on screen, focus, breathe, in out repeat. Don’t look, don’t turn do not attempt to see. Report, finish report leave. Leave so you may dream, dream as it is the only way you’ll sleep this night. Anthony Dinozzo chanted to himself as he sat before his computer typing out his report at the end of a long day. Long week really if one were to be honest. This case in particular hit hard, hit close to home. Closer than any other had before, closer than he could allow the others composing his team to know. Breathe in and out. Impersonal be impersonal this is not you not your fight not your kin. Breathe and report report and leave dream so that you may sleep as it is the only way you’ll rest. His thoughts spun again as he gazed blankly at the report mocking him in into cold hard silence the quiet hum of the computer fan a soft annoyance within his sensitive ears.

Victim, if one could really even call her a victim. Lamb to slaughter was more the phrase that came to his mind as his fingers moved monotonously filling in vital information to the closer of this most recent glimpse into the depths of hell itself. Her name was Alana and she never had a chance, 5’ 3” a fey creature by any stretch of the imagination. Thick luscious ginger hair. Tony was certain Gibbs would have at least given her a cursory glance seeing his penchant for the cherry headed seductress’ of the world at large. That alone would have been enough for the naked human eye to see. She’d fallen before a man nearly twice her size after all, but no. There was more to this story. Much more than anyone would ever know… more than he could ever tell. Sitting back from the glass screen with an exhausted rub to his eyes Anthony let loose a gusty sigh. Easily translated as boredom, exasperation. Almost done, just a bit more. Don’t think just type. Finish and leave, report and go. This doesn’t concern you. Not anymore not ever. If only he could really believe that. Believe that he Anthony Dinozzo could walk blithely away from this unscathed , completely compromised. Miraculously unshaken, lying to himself wasn’t a past time he allowed himself to indulge in. For one of his kind it was a danger. One that more often than not had been proven fatal.

“You about done with you’re report Dinozzo!?,” a gruff voice pierced his silent contemplation.
“Just about Boss,” he replied flicking a jaunty salute towards his stern ex-marine of a boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs. That was close. He sighed to himself placing the final period on the case report. E-mailing it to Gibbs he pressed the print icon in the upper right hand corner while simultaneously pressing back from his desk with a quiet groan. Thank God they weren’t on call for the weekend. He didn’t think he could hold it together for much longer. Setting his printed report to rights with a firm tap and stapling the top he strode to Gibbs’ desk threw a lascivious wink at a still busy Kate Todd and tossed it before him. “That’s all she wrote boss. See ya on Monday. Got a wild one tonight,” he smiled turning to walk towards the elevator his focus on the double grey doors his eyes never once straying to the hunched over figure of one Timothy McGee. He couldn’t chance it. Not today. It was too close to the surface , too raw. He’d come to far to loose it for mere convenience.

One more step. One last line to end the show for the week.
“Have fun slaying dragons Mcgeek!” he tossed over his shoulder entering the elevator with a relieved sigh. Then he was gone. Down to the garage, he exited striding with purpose. His hands began to shake and his breath picked up as he struggled to breathe past the righteous anger building within his chest. Unforgivable, Alana’s death was unforgivable and unnecessary. The age old truth laid before him by his mother rang true once more. Humans were not to be trusted. They were irrational, volatile and without honor. In the end a friendship would afford on of his kind companionship, but never peace. Love, well that was simply out of the equation. Not even to be addressed, thought about, or risked.

In and out breath. Tony coached himself his white knuckled fists clutching fiercely at the steering wheel of his precious convertible. Another day, the show must go on. No one knew. No one could know, would know. With one last deep breath he started his car and pulled out of the naval yard.

SO yea.. not much yet but the bunny is there.. erm.. ^^ what do you think?

An RP i've done recently with a friend.

^^ ummmmmzzz so yea's ^^ i haven't posted in way to long. Too busy reading yummy slash fictions. si strange neh that this RP is hentai/ *shrugs* was funz and i'm rather proud of it. Ja na for nowz!!

Miss Catillion and Mr. Greg Conner

Mr. Greg Conner: To what do I owe this wondrous occasion to be meeting one on one with my sexy boss?

Miss Catillion: *sighing I close my eyes looking up at you* We are in the workplace Mr. Conner and I expect you to act accordingly I’d appreciate if you'd refrain from the inappropriate monikers

Mr. Greg Conner: *Smirks* Oh come now, there's no one else in the room. What does it matter with the protocol

Miss Catillion: *slaps hands down on my desk voice hardening a bit* Mr. Conner this is exactly the kind of behavior that has you in here with me this afternoon

Miss Catillion: surely you're mature enough to know your own miss steps
Miss Catillion: *I say eyes narrowing*

Mr. Greg Conner: Ah...*knowing grin* Feeling a bit frisky, Miss C? Oh come now, you can't tell me I've got to be all professional. I get my job done.

Miss Catillion: *one ....two......three...counting in my head* Getting the job done is not always enough and the names Catillion...C-a-t-i-l-l-i-o-n remember your place in the workplace boy before I forget mine. *a wicked gleam flashing through my eyes*

Mr. Greg Conner: *A slight hesitation* I'm the head of my field, Miss Catillion, *nods to you* Surely I'm allowed to do whatever it takes to get MY underlie-...team, motivated.

Miss Catillion: *growls low in my throat* Being head of your field MR Conner comes with a measure of responsibility, *taps unsheathed claws irritably against the desk in sharp staccato taps* Take for instances Mrs. Blaine...she's marred Mr. Conner you need to learn to keep your Don Juan where it belongs here....and that's in your pants and out of sight

Mr. Greg Conner: *Arches an eyebrow at the claws as I clear my throat* *Shrugs* She looked bored, I made it entertaining.

Miss Catillion: *tilts head eyes slit now catlike pupils flashing in annoyance* bored Mr. Conner? the women has children and she's jus back from MATERNITY LEAVE! she was probably just tired besides *a dark smirk stretches cross my lips* you've no business dallying with anyone....do you...my brat

Mr. Greg Conner: I...I...uh... *Clears throat* *tries to regain composure* I look into my co-workers, Miss Catillion, Mrs...Blaine's husband was cheating on her. I figured she might've needed some...extra jolt.

Miss Catillion: a jolt.......she might've need a JOLT?! *stands leaning darkly over my desk my nose inches from your own* and did this jolt have to be from you?? Mr. Conner *tilts head* do you...dis like our arrangement....*lowers voice continuing in a husky whisper* Gregory

Mr. Greg Conner: *slides down the chair, loosens tie* Arrange...arrangement, m-m'am?

Miss Catillion: *leans closer resting my chin on the palm of my hand* Yes Mr. Conner....and Ma'am is what you should be calling me hmmmmmm? It's what you really want isn't it??

Miss Catillion: My attention....well....*growls lightly* you have it.....what're you going to do with it

Mr. Greg Conner: I...I...pardon? I did-don't...understand...*tries to sit up straight* I-uh, maybe I should leave?

Miss Catillion: *grabs your tie* Door's locked Gregory *clicks my tongue condescendingly* you really should think before you act now...your arousing for sure...you know it...I know it....in fact this whole office knows it but I simply cannot allow your attitude to continue without..........punishments

Mr. Greg Conner: *Weak, deep laugh* Well...uh, good looks...have their advantages, Catillion. And uh...by punishments you mean just like a...quick slap on the wrist or something...right? *nervously looks from side to side*

Miss Catillion: *shakes head a deep laugh softly falling from my lips leaning foreword to whisper in your ear* Ma'am Mr. Conner
Miss Catillion: call me ma'm
Miss Catillion: honestly a slap on the wrist will do no good to a rebellious spirit such as yours
Miss Catillion: no.....on I think I’ve got something special for you

Mr. Greg Conner: *shivers involuntarily* I...really, I've known you for years? Why do I have to call you ma'am?

Miss Catillion: For such a sexually confident individual....you don't know much do you? *pulls off your tie and walks round to the back of your chair placing my hands on it*
Miss Catillion: Sit down Mr. Conner

Mr. Greg Conner: I'd...I'd rather stand, thanks.

Miss Catillion: *growls warningly* Sit....or your place here is forfeit
Miss Catillion: i'll not stand to let you go un...molested.....not anymore

Mr. Greg Conner: I...wh-what?! *pales slightly* *muttering to self as he gets up and walks over to sit down*

Miss Catillion: *nods approvingly* very good Greg
Miss Catillion: *walks over
Miss Catillion: now place your arms wrists together behind the chair

Mr. Greg Conner: *Slowly does so* Now...really, Catillion...is this honestly necessary?

Miss Catillion: *grips your arm tightly in warning* Ma'am Greg...remember...ma'am and yes...yes it is very necessary....just remember, you...you pushed me to this * I hiss walking behind you now to tie you to your chair with the silky red tie making it tight but not uncomfortable*

Mr. Greg Conner: *Smug grin* And what if I don't call you ma'am? *tests the bonds after I'm tied, looking down*

Miss Catillion: *shakes head* I do believe you don't understand the "gravity" of your situation...*reaches into my left breast and pulls out a low powered taser, opening your shirt by three buttons I place it inactivated against your collar bone*

Mr. Greg Conner: *Leans back, gulping* Wha- wha-hang on a minute, d-don't you think this is taking it a little too far, Catillion? I-I...

Miss Catillion: Ma'am Greg...and really this is the only way a man like you will listen * an evil smile lights my eyes* who know you may even like it...^^ and..trust me...it won’t hurt you....much....just give you a bit of a Jolt was it?..wasn't that the word you used Describing ms Blain???

Mr. Greg Conner: A-are you fuckin' kidding me? It's...It's a taser! *struggles against the bonds* I'm outta here, no way I'm just sitting still while my boss uses a taser on me.

Miss Catillion: *flips the switch* oh yes....yes you are Greg *smiles counting to five and turning it back off* Now.....*leans in purring into your ear.....* Do I have your attention?

Mr. Greg Conner: *beads of perspiration roll down my neck, jaw is clenched.* Y-yes....ma'am.

Miss Catillion: ^^ Good boy...that wasn't so bad was it? Now....what have you done wrong in the office?
Miss Catillion: *runs* a soft hand through your hair*

Mr. Greg Conner: *exhales air* *weak laugh* I..I have to list what I've done...done wrong?

Miss Catillion: *places finger threateningly against the switch* it's what I said isn't it??
Miss Catillion: I want to make sure infractions such as yours don't happen again

Mr. Greg Conner: *winces* Okay. Okay. Alright. I...I uh...had sex a couple of times around the office.

Miss Catillion: *nods* how many times Greg... how many women?

Mr. Greg Conner: I...*struggles slightly* I've...I've lost...count?

Miss Catillion: *sighs* lost count?? Gregory dear....that's entirely too much....if I’d been anyone else you'd be fired by now....ruined completely, career wise
Miss Catillion: 20... perhaps more would you say???

Mr. Greg Conner: *Coughs* I...yes...possibly...about all my female...uh...co...workers.

Miss Catillion: *eyebrows raise* all...all you say Mr. Conner....*shakes head* no...oh no this simply cannot stand *walking round I untie your hands* Stand up and stand against the wall hands against the wall

Mr. Greg Conner: *slowly stands up, nervously, shakily, walking over to the wall, pressing hands against the wall* Wh-what...what're you going to do now?

Miss Catillion: *smiles* why.....Greg…*saunters up behind him*....I’m going to punish you of coarse
Miss Catillion: ^^
Miss Catillion: *pulls a medium sized crop out of the back of her suit coat*

Mr. Greg Conner: I...p-punish me? *Turns around* Hang on, wh-what if I say I just won't do it again? How’s that? I swear.

Miss Catillion: i'll be.....merciful seeing as it's your first time....20....for the number at which you *whispers harshly* for the number at which you...forgot.....you will count each one....yes?

Mr. Greg Conner: C-count? I-I.... *starts backing to the door* I-I think I might be late for something. Uh...department meeting.

Miss Catillion: *grabs your throat pressing you back against the wall claws extended* you should have thought of that before sleeping with the female population here... you're good Gregory but nothing can excuse and infraction such as that. Take what is your due...*smiles evilly* and I’ll let you go

Mr. Greg Conner: *Curses to self as I turn around again* Do I...really have to *count* every stroke?

Miss Catillion: *tilts head* ...every ...single one....*ears flicker teasingly tail curled lazily round my right foot*

Mr. Greg Conner: *winces and sighs*

Miss Catillion: To your position Greg.....and don't worry I won't hit....too hard...you do have to sit down after this

Mr. Greg Conner: Right, Thanks. Like that'll be a big improvement *grumbling* *hands are pressed firmly against the wall*

Miss Catillion: *clicks my tongue* come now Greg...you brought this upon yourself perhaps you'll think twice before letting your complex run free

Mr. Greg Conner: *slight shrug* You only get in trouble if you get caught.

Miss Catillion: oh you'll be caught Greg....every, single, time. You always were...*smack, smack, smack!

Mr. Greg Conner: *exhales a breath of air, and winces* Shit.

Miss Catillion: *raises eyebrow* forgetting something?
Miss Catillion: .what number are we on brat??

Mr. Greg Conner: I...I...*head is whizzing* F-four?

Miss Catillion: *nuzzles cheek lightly* good enough...i'll spare you one for good behavior neh?? *smack ,smack , smack , smack ,smack, smack*

Mr. Greg Conner: That....*through gritted teeth* would be nice.

Miss Catillion: number Brat...what number are we on now from four...add them

Mr. Greg Conner: *growls out* 10.

Miss Catillion: *pats head pressing a soft kiss gainst the shell of your ear* such a good boy you are *pats your side gently* 10 more to go now...*smack smack, smack, smack,

Mr. Greg Conner: *struggles not to make a sound, but is shifting now* ...fif...fift...fifteen.

Miss Catillion: *nods* mmm I didn't even have to ask this time you're doing well brat...five more now...we're almost through *smack,
smack, smack, smack, smack*

Mr. Greg Conner: *presses head against the wall as hands just drop* ....*breathlessly* ...twe..nty...

Miss Catillion: *pulls you back against me spreading my legs petting you lightly up and down your heaving sides* there now *presses a small kiss to your temple* was that so hard??
Miss Catillion: Employee evaluation complete, you pass *whispers into your ear allowing you to relax against me*

Mr. Greg Conner: *whole body goes limp* Christ...that was an...intense, evaluation...ma'am.

Miss Catillion: Yes brat...but you took it wonderfully...now we do understand each other yes??

Mr. Greg Conner: *looks up at you* Yes...well, I suppose we do.

Miss Catillion: *smiles lightly pressing one last kiss to your temple* come i'll not have you returning to work flustered...Mr. Conner

Miss Catillion: *leads him over to a door opening it to see a full service restroom and a new suit

Mr. Greg Conner: *eyes widen* I...well...then.
Mr. Greg Conner: *goes off, with a slight awkward gait to the restroom and is out in five minutes

Miss Catillion: *nods* go on Mr. Conner *pulls a brush out of my purse running it nonchalantly through my hair straightening the strands* *watches highly amused*

Miss Catillion: *tilts head* slips glasses back up over my nose as I return to reading through employees commentary

Miss Catillion: Have a good Day Mr. Conner the door, *smiles evilly* has always been unlocked for you

Mr. Greg Conner: *a surprised look passes through, shakes head and mumbles something* *waves as I adjust the tie and leave*

Miss Catillion: *nods a feral smile stretching cross my lips as I watch pensively as the door closes behind you a sigh escaping my lips*
Miss Catillion: mmmmmmh...delicious

WOW tis been forever

mmmm so yea i haven't posted in quite sometime. I am a reader mostly. An avid reader of slash and yaoi fiction. Yes there is a difference. ^w^ i dunno i don't really haev too much to say on the matter. ^W^.


So I found this little strip and thought it was darling. Those of you into DMHP Veela slash will love it! Its hilarious and cute!


I love it! So I've decided to begin to compile a list of the best i've found. If anyone has any reccomendations feel free to pass them along. I'd like the listing to ba as complete and diverse as possible.

The Cathexis of Lex: http://www.smallville.slashdom.net/archive/47/thecathexis.html
Breif Summary: A Kryptonian Mating ritual. Whoever said that being stalker was a bad thing??

Run: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3122274/1/
Breif summary: After coming to a startling realisation, Clark isolates himself from his family and friends, afraid of being rejected. Finally, Lex confronts him and the whole truth comes out.

Gaurdian Devil: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2472625/1/
Breif Summary: Clark becomes Lex's ward after Lex discovers him being abused by Jonathan for his lustful thoughts towards Lex.

Those are all I have for now but I shall soon be adding to the list! Why? Because I like them and figured others might enjoy them as well seeing as this will be my universal CLEX favorite list of sorts. Well TTFN!

Wizard Neko

Ummmmm this is my first attempt at a Lucius Harry. It'll be a bit angsty but mostly fluff. So yeah.

Summary: Harry has contracted a unique inheirtance that is frowned upon in the wizarding world. Soon afer the demise of Voldemort he fled to the muggle world. Lucius is soon dragged out of his self imposed solitude by is flaming rambunctious son Draco. Destination: America.

Wizard Neko
Harry Potter, now the Man -who-Saved-us-all, sighed as he gazed out the window of his studio apartment in Chicago, Illinois. It had been two years since the final battle. Yet it seemed to have passed only yesterday.

*Flash Back*
Screams filled the air as Harry ran across the field. Once a place of friendly competition and rivalry the quiddich pitch had become a pool of blood and gore. Bodies death eater and those upon the side of Dumbledore alike littered the field like so many pieces of carrion confetti. In the distance stood Voldemort ominous and imposing. His dark cold laughter filled the air as he killed seemingly without discrimination. Left and right, lines of deadly green light cut down every wizard daring enough to come within a three foot range.
This ends now. “Tom!” Harry had come within reach of his rays of death and he stood unafraid. The end his own or Voldemorts would soon come. The self proclaimed dark lord froze turning his crimson irises to gaze upon the tourmaline of his young adversary.
“Harry Potter what a pleasant surprise. I’d say pleased to meet you but we have already met. All to often id say as you seem to maddeningly walk away each and every time,” The wraith like figure hissed spittle flying forth like snake venom proclaiming displeasure.
“ah Tom Why loose your venom on me? It is only your ineptitude that stands for my continued existence. Perhaps you’ve lost your touch??,” Harry whispered. He was tired the end was near and the time had come. For the past two months he hid his newly acquired inheritance from all around him. It seemed that his dear mother as not a muggle born witch as most readily assumed. She was a full blooded feral neko. Meaning his DNA and that of a cat had been crossed the moment of him reaching magical maturity. Though it was not just any at it was that of the Neko motto Kouseiyouso. Which was an elemental beast with wings and the innate ability to control all the elements. In secret he had trained and honed his abilities. No doubt remained in his mind. Voldemort would die by his hand tonight.
Unaware of such a development the dark lord smiled to himself satisfied in his soon to be triumph over the petty Gryffindor hero. “Any last words boy?!,” He growled.
Cocking his head to the side and dropping is complex Glamour Harry replied. “Yes but only one,”
Voldemort froze, for there protruding from the messy raven mop of the Boy-Who-Lived stood two coal black ears flexing backward and forth in irritation. “You! You’re!” Voldemort stuttered but he was far too late.
Enflamare!,” the Neko hissed sending a pillar of burning heat through the Dark Lord.

*End Flashback*
He’d been lucky. No one had seen his true Neko form. Within the wizarding world Neko were little more than house hold pets at best and Slaves at worst. It was not a lifestyle to which he would ever return to again. An existence with the Dursleys was more than enough of an incentive to turn off such a desire for his future life. Sighing the young Wizard Neko flicked his fingers against the silver cross that hung from the back ribbon choker tied round his pale long moonlit neck. Still though he wondered at what could have been. What could still be his subconscious purred. Snorting Harry gave his messy haired head a firm shake sending his coal ears flapping thickly to and fro about his head. No that was a ship long sailed out to sea. Slipping from the sill and deftly replacing his Glamour renowned American author/songwriter/designer stepped from his studio to face the outside world.
Malfoy Manor

Lucius Malfoy sighed. It was over. The great lineage known as the Malfoys had come to a gut wrenching stop. Not that his son was dead. No, Far from it. In stead the little brat had gone and declared himself a homosexual. How how could he do this?? Contrary to popular belief the current Malfoys had no holding of veela traits. While that was soo many generations before the blood was all blood used, diffused over the years from generation to generation. It now only made its presence known in the white blonde locks that cascaded from their heads on soft buttery waves. It was just as well though. It seemed he was to forever be punished for war crimes he committed under rough conscription of his service.

“Father?!” Draco Malfoy called apparating directly into his fathers study.
“Draco,” the elder Malfoy nodded. Then stared at his wayward son. Draco Malfoy stood proudly before his father in darkly washed sandblasted blue jeans that snugly fit his hips. Panning up his heirs torso he found a silver blouse opened at the top reveling a triangle of milky white skin beneath it folds. Noticing his fathers slight disapproval of his attire Draco inwardly smirked. His father had hidden in the manor for far to long. Time to take the hermit out past the magical boundaries of the wizarding world.

“Yes Father,” Draco asked cocking his blonde head to the side gray eyes gleaming in barely contained amusement.
“What in the seven hells are you wearing?!,” Lucius exclaimed. Its preposterous. Plebian even. His very own son parading round the manor in those!…those…

“They’re called a pair of pants and a shirt father. More specifically known as a blouse,” the younger Malfoy explained as though he were speaking with a small child.

“I am well aware of what they are Draco. What I cannot comprehend is what they are doing on your person. Honestly son you are a Pure Blood and no matter how bloody flaming
 you are your attire should point directly to such a station! It preposterous!,” Lucius said calmly and rationally. Draco merely waved his right hand dismissively.

“As you say father. The times of the Gothic robed Pure Blood is gone. Get with the program father. Your practically an antique for Merlin’s sake. You need to get out more Hence why I’ve found myself here,” Draco Drawled.

“….” Lucius raised a blonde eyebrow.
“Ah come on father itll be fun. Besides im tired of you stomping round this place like the Beast in some old Fairy tale of yore,” Draco huffed planting his hands on his hips.


“Muggle thing don’t worry bout it. Now lets go the day isn’t getting any younger you know,” Draco pressed.

“Fine one after noon if only to silence your incessant chatter,”

“I knew you’d see things my way!,”Draco exclaimed waving his wand and instantly transfiguring his fathers clothes.

“So where are we going?” Lucius asked.

“Why America of coarse where else?,”

“…” and for the first time in his life Lucius truly found himself frightened.

“And how pray tell do you plan on arriving within such a place,”

“By Plane father”
“Plane!,” Lucius eyes bugged slightly. What the deuce was a plane???

“ah yes it’s this gigantic metal bird the muggles use to fly across the world now come on lets go!,” Draco whined grabbing his fathers hand and began pulling towards the door.

Ah the things I do for my son. Lucius thought following his rambunctious offspring out of the front door.

A First!

K sooooooo I am currently working on my first Harry Lucius story ever! i ve written Harry Draco but as of late I have found myself transfixed by LM/HP verses DM/HP. Sooooooooo this is my first attempt. I hope itll be okay. I should have it by tomorrow im thinking. Well until later Ciao baby!